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Nampetch Worldwide Co.,Ltd. provided service to many customers for over 40 years of experience with trusted and confident in our service for safety and service mind. We providing Bus, Coach and Van for rent which will serve our best service for our customer’s best journey.

Bus Information

Our Company provide Van, Bus, Coach with 30, 40 to 50 seat single deck or double deck bus


We providing limousine service car for pick up and drop off from airport to your resident.

Double Decker

Double decker bus have 50 seats, good for trip with many passenger with lower level decker with built-in sofa for best enjoyment during your journey.

Single Decker

Single decker bus have 30 to 40 seat to suit your trip plan with stairway to lift up passenger seat, bigger luggage compartment is providing in the bus.


Van service for contracting customer to provide transportation service. Also allies for tourist van for best accomodation and journey.


Customers are our top priority, we had providing service to many organization and firm across the country and around the world including government firm, top university in Thailand, and many airlines for a long time

96-98 Rama4Rd. Taladnoi Sampantawong Bangkok 10100

Tax ID 0105555130979